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About Granite State Safety

Our Team

At Granite State Safety, we’re committed to providing schools, businesses, and organizations with the tools needed to provide care during a medical emergency and survive an active threat event. Our professional and experienced instructors will instill confidence in your team members. Our classes are informative, fast-paced, and most of all effective. Granite State Safety instructors are experienced educators and have years of service in public safety. 

Our Owner

Rob Lyons moved from Quincy, MA to Barrington NH in 2007 to operate a Summer Camp as Executive Director. In 2013 Rob became an EMT and began volunteering with Barrington Fire and Rescue as well as McGregor Memorial Ambulance. Rob continued his education through the National Medical Education and Training center becoming a Paramedic in 2017. In 2018 Rob became a CPR instructor and an active shooter instructor and began training his staff as well as other organizations. In 2020 Rob attended the first regular AVERT Instructor class in the nation. AVERT was selected due to its all-encompassing approach, effective training program, and affordability. Rob served as a Paramedic at McGregor Memorial EMS and as a State of NH level III Instructor Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, CPRSafe program manager, as well as the Rescue Task Force unit leader. Rob continues to serve as the Executive Director of Camp Fireside and volunteers for Barrington Fire and Rescue and works for Frisbie Memorial Hospital as a Paramedic.

Rob lives in Barrington with his wife and daughters. 

CPR Instruction. First Aid Instruction.
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